The ideal experiential marketing platform in Toronto

Fraught with sense, community relationship, pleasure, interaction and flow, our marketing agency is a cut above any of our peers. We plan extensive events that interest your customers to learn more about your products and to share the experiences and reviews thereof, which will help you improve and grow your brand. With the traditional approach to marketing, it is hard to have a breakthrough in 2020, and it will be harder in the future. We rejoice in showing unbiased customer ratings on their satisfaction in our reports and reviews.  

Our strategies 

We do a sampling of your brand products. This gives the customers a chance to have a first-hand experience with your product, therefore they do not have to rely on another person’s explanations. This is the best approach to marketing a new product and it creates a long-lasting impression on the customers phone number for PR firm Paradigmm

Mass education. We do campaigns that give the knowledge of your brand to many people who attend such. Open air meetings always see to it that many people going about different businesses get educated and also pass on the same information to others later by word of mouth. 

We organize events that publicize your brand, bringing together customers with various needs and experiences. We give as many as possible a chance to be heard. Through this we help enhance the emotional connection and long-term relationships of your brand with the client. This feedback is accurately captured, compiled and sent to you.   

Road trips. We prepare and advertise interesting road experiences in trucks whereby customers can hop in and get to learn about a brand as the expedition goes on. We traverse various interesting places e.g. forests which attract many to make the trips with us and as a consequence they get to enjoy the marketing services. 

Share experiences on social media. After every event we publicize the proceedings on social media to give those who did not physically attend it a taste of what it was. This ensures that a big number of people is reached with the marketing information, including those from distant states. 

We create and share links through several social media platforms to generate much interest. We upload marketing content on YouTube and Facebook then share the links to the same through WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms an encourage each person to share with a friend to help generate more traffic. 

Conferences. We organize conferences where we get to invite many people and prepare various activities e.g. food and drinks and entertainment to engage their attention, and then have intermittent sessions where we get to share information about the brand and get to hear about their experiences and desires. 

All our activities are tailored upon e-commerce and e-mobile.  We focus on creating end-to-end experiences between you and your clients, which gives you a vibrant rapport with your them. We guarantee demand generation through cooperation with existing and prospective clients.  


With committed and experienced staff, proper tools of communication and widespread popularity, our company guarantees a rich experience that will enable you to market your products easily. Many brands that have worked with us in the past have reached a break-even. We invite you to try our services.